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Offer a personalised service, keeping all parties informed at every step of the transaction.

Our one flat fee that includes phone calls, faxes, photocopying and sundries and no hidden charges

Your conveyance is looked after by experienced Property specialist Solicitors, not a clerk or a conveyancer

Building, pest and strata reports ordered in 1 day

Help you arrange discounted finance if needed

24 x 7 availability via email

Weekly update via email or phone

Negotiate terms of contract on your behalf

Communicate and co ordinate with the real estate agent, bank making sure they are informed of the progress of your file

We come to you in Sydney

Your phone calls and concerns will be answered promptly and in an efficient manner

After settlement service, changing the water and council rates into your name.

First Home Buyers Specials, 5% discount on referred clients or returning clients

Advice on your contract



Your matter will be handled professionally by a Property Conveyancing Lawyer. The Property Lawyer or Property Solicitor (and not a Conveyancer in Sydney) will take you through the entire conveyancing process, from start to finish. We are here to make you feel comfortable at every stage of your purchase and/or sale matter. Best of all, our legal fees for our conveyancing is extremely competitive, in some cases, up to less than half the price of what other solicitors and conveyancing firms charge. Our practice, however, is not cheap on quality. All work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

We save you money in our efficiencies through the Conveyancing process due our specialty in this area of law. We understand that everyone is busy. In order to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle, Sydney Legal Practice has established a Conveyancing Service providing fast and affordable Conveyancing in Sydney. We are a Conveyancing firm that believes in meeting your needs, so online accessibility is another medium to ensure convenience to you.

By using the technology and conveyancing software that is safe and encrypted to ensure your privacy, our Conveyancing firm is able to deliver a prompt and fuss free service. We aim to make the whole process as easy as possible, allowing you extra time to go about your daily business, rather than spending time in a waiting room. Our property Conveyancing Sydney services can be accessed online, via fax, over the telephone or face-to-face through our network of offices. Use our affordable Conveyancing Services and save money while you stay in control. Call our Conveyancing Sydney lawyers for a Conveyancing Quote. Get a quote: Online Conveyancing Quote Buying Online Conveyancing Quote Selling


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How Does The Conveyancing Process Work?.

Step 1 – Before exchange (for a purchase):

* Select a home loan product with your broker/banker and obtain a preliminary assessment of your financial situation. This is called a pre-approval. * Ask the agent to send an email version of the proposed purchase contract to us for our review. * Continue to negotiate on the price with the selling agent.
Our experienced property solicitor will:

• Advise you on the contract and its special conditions.

• Advise our conveyancing lawyers of any special conditions you wish to add to the contract and ensure you are happy with the inclusions to the property (and that they are all in working order).

• Order any reports you require such as building and pest report and/or strata report.

• Follow up with your lender to confirm that your loan is unconditionally approved.

Step 2 – Exchange:

A 10% deposit is usually required by way of cash, cheque or bank transfer. At Sydney Legal Practice, we are always looking out for your best interests. Depending on individual circumstances, we can negotiate for a smaller deposit e.g 5% deposit or your deposit to be invested in an interest-bearing bank account until settlement. The deposit is normally held by the agent in their trust account.

Our experienced property solicitor will:
* Review the contract to ensure it is ready to proceed. Advise you on the content and how the contract conditions affect you. * Meet you face-to-face or send the contract to you for signing.* Forward the executed contract to the vendor's solicitor for exchange. You will be required to provide a deposit for exchange.

Step 3 – After exchange, leading up to settlement
* You are underway to owning your new home. Start preparing for the move, including arranging boxes and the packing away of your possessions.

* Sign your mortgage documents and return them back to your lender as soon as possible.

* Ensure any shortfall of funds required to complete the purchase of your property will be ready for settlement. This means liaising with your lender to ensure everything is on track.

* If applicable, complete the First Home Owners Grant. At Sydney Legal Practice, we can assist you in this regard.

* We will instruct you in relation to the bank cheque/s required to be drawn for settlement.

* It is highly recommended to arrange a final inspection with the real estate agent approximately 24 hours before settlement. Let us know if there are any issues with the final inspection.
Our experienced property solicitor will:

* Order statutory searches.

* Advise you of any additional searches that are 
recommended by us.
* Arrange for stamp duty.

* Help complete the First Home buyers stamp duty exemption form (if applicable)

* Ensure your bank is ready for settlement.* Prepare settlement figures and book in settlement with all parties.

* Notifying your lender, purchaser's solicitors and you of the time and venue for settlement. * Confirm cheque details for settlement. Keeping you informed all the way.

STEP 4 – At Settlement
* Arrange with the real estate agent a convenient time and place to collect the keys to your new house after settlement. We will let the agents know once settlement is completed.
Our experienced property solicitor will

* Act as your agent at settlement on your behalf. * Pay funds as instructed to vendor's solicitor on their cheque directions to us.

* Confirm with both the real estate agent and you, that settlement has taken place. Once settlement has been completed, you can collect the keys from your agent.

STEP 5 - After settlement
* If moving into your newly purchased home, arrange to have electricity, gas, water and telephone switched to your name.

* Change all incoming mail to your new residential address.

* Most importantly, enjoy your new property!
Our experienced property solicitor will:

* For purchase matters that have no lender involved ("cash buy"), we can lodge the Transfer and other necessary documentation with the Department of Lands and arrange to have the new Title Deed sent to you. * Provide you a final reporting letter with our tax invoice

* We will keep your file in storage for seven years. We will scan the whole file in electronically. This makes it easier for us if you decide to sell the same property in the future.


Selling :

It is important to be comfortable in the selling process of your beloved home or property. Selling a property can be quite a stressful process. We make sure its done right. At Sydney Legal Practice, we believe in an experienced Sydney property Lawyer providing you full attention to your needs.

We ensure that the process of selling will be as smooth as possible and our property lawyer is there to inform you through the entire process, from the start to the end.

Our property conveyancing lawyers ensure you are kept up-to-date with the status of your sale and continue to maintain contact during the conveyance. They make sure you are aware of any changes that may effect you through out the process.

Selling a property in Sydney can be broken into two stages as follows:

Step 1 - contract preparation

* If you are wanting to sell, speak to one of our experienced property solicitors via telephone, email or fax with instructions for preparing a contract for sale of your property.

* Choose the real estate agent you want to market your property. You need to choose between an auction campaign or a private treaty sale.

Our experienced property solicitor will:

· Draft the contract of sale

* Correspond with you and send the contract to your appointed real estate 
* Advise you on any amendments to the contract that the prospective purchasers have sought

* Negotiate specials conditions on your behalf. 
* Prepare and exchange contracts once both parties have agreed on price 
* Inform you and the agent on the progress.

· Step 2 Exchanging of contracts and lead up to settlement

You need to sign the contract with us. Explain the terms and conditions of the sale. Explain the cooling off period if applicable. Once completed our Sydney Property lawyers will notify your bank that you have sold your property and provide them with a signed discharge form.

Our experienced property solicitor will:

* Forward you the complete contract and transfer document to you for execution or attend the signing of the contract in person
* Forward the contract signed by you to the purchaser's solicitor 
* Reviewing settlement figures, attend settlement as an agent on your behalf. * Adjust levies to ensure all levies are paid out at settlement.

* Book the discharging bank out, arrange for the surplus funds to be deposited into your account
* Ask the real estate agent to finalise the transfer and deduct his commission on the sale
* Advise all parties once settlement is completed. Finalise the transfer and complete your matter.

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